Our goal is your future

We believe in longterm relationships. And we know that every relationship builds on insight, being able to listen and trust. Our effectiveness in delivering the right candidate has always ranked one of our key success factors. To continue working with the same client several years into the future is always our goal.

Network & experience

We have all worked in the same business as our clients and our network comprises tomorrows stars and talent. Sense Talents offers the unique knowledge that is needed to ensure success and we are not afraid to challenge your traditional ways of doing things. If you are open to that.

Heart & brain

We think it is totally natural to work in a structured way and carry out in-depth need analysis in order to benchmark against a candidates skills and characteristics. Over time we have also learn the importance of matching a candidates personal characteristics with the values and long-term ambitions of the client. In addition to our basic demands for quality, longevity and results, we also add soft values such as ambition, enthusiasm and passion into our talent identification processes.

Failsafe recruitment

We work professionally and methodically to build a deep understanding of a clients’ organisation and business challenges so that we can accurately pinpoint the right talent for the job at hand. We naturally also ensure that your employer brand and its value proposition is exceptional throughout the entire recruitment process. And we are proud of the fact that so many of our clients entrust us with their talent recruitment year after year.

Time to take a look at your future needs?

What type of skills and talented people does your company or organisation need? Or are you our next talent and a future star? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us about yourself and your needs.


Thanks to our unique network, own experience from our business areas, and a structured approach to search, we will find your next key talent.

Sense for Hire

Do you need to find the right person for a specific period of time. We will help you find the right talent you need for either a permanent or part-time assignment.

Sense Young Potentials

HR Support

We collaborate with the most competent people in our industry. Based on shared values and effective methodology we can help you with your HR processes. We also use personality tests.

Get in touch and we´ll help you.