Ananda Jonasdotter

Ananda has several years of experience in search and recruitment with a focus on sales, service and digital services. In recent years, she has mainly worked with start-ups and fast growing companies. She has super eye for talent, innovative companies and exciting new industries, and… Read More

Susanne Waering

Susanne has many years of experience in HR and management issues, as well as extensive experience in search and recruitment of qualified administrative services, HR and Finance. Earlier in her career, she worked in a finance and management consulting company, where she supported management teams… Read More

Lotta Köhler

Lotta has held top jobs such as head of communications and marketing chief and has worked as a PR consultant, all with a strong focus on lifestyle and FCMG. Lotta is passionate about branding, communications and business, and people in transition. She ten years of experience in search and recruitment… Read More